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Gay Marriage: Liberal and Conservative views on same sex unions

Gay marriage, Once called, "the love that dare not speak its name," today gay men and lesbians cannot afford to keep quiet. Gay marriage was unthinkable five years ago, and a unknown that the issue of equality in marriage for same sex couples would be a priority in gay legal circles.

Gay marriage and the legal arguments have strengthened. Conservative views have struggled. While sodomy has thankfully been addressed in the Supreme Court treatment of Lawrence v. Texas, we now see the other, previously priority issues taking a back seat to the mother of all equality discussions: gay marriage. Same sex marriage has become a topic that the world is looking at, talking about and trying to understand our families in a way never before experienced, we have a responsibility to help them in this endeavor, and in the end, help ourselves to live lives of dreams fulfilled.

Gay marriage and conservative government views will single out the equality movement for direct attack. Liberal political motivations are abound, one truly good thing has manifest; people are talking. Liberal views are now holding ground.

Same sex marriage speakers: arm yourself with the facts! Conservative people are speaking out against same-sex marriage using misinformation and, in some cases, bald face lies. Know that there are 1,138 federal rights, responsibilities and benefits that every married couple receives immediately when the officiant says, "I now pronounce you married." Know what those benefits are. Know that the history of marriage has changed drastically over the centuries, and that its roots are deeply grounded in the concept of property transfer and subjugation. If you want to read a detailed history of the institution of marriage, try E.J. Graff's, What is Marriage For?

Gay marriage to a religious fundamentalist: point out that the bible's treatment of marriage has been "spotty" to say the least. For example, women who married and were not virgins could legally be stoned to death. Also, one means of biblical marriage provided that a man could rape a woman to marry her; another strongly supported polygamy (one that is conveniently forgotten by most religious opponents). Unfortunately, religion is being used as a force of division surrounding equality in marriage. Point out that most religions were created out of the premise of social justice, not social discrimination. If Jesus were alive today, do you really think he would frown upon, much less openly bash, committed love between caring individuals?

Gay marriage analysis must include trying to imagine, just for a minute, why people are so dead set against gay marriage and extending these rights to us. Is it stubbornness? Is it religious intolerance? Possibly, but I think that a majority of people opposed to marriage equality are opposed because they see it as a loss of control over their society, over their world.

About the author:

Anthony M. Brown is a nontraditional family and estates attorney for the New York law firm of McKenna, Siracusano and Chianese. He is also a vice-president and the director of development for The Wedding Party, an all volunteer, non-profit created to educate the public about the importance of marriage to all Americans. This article has been edited by to fit the allotted space allowed.  You can locate Anthony Brown online on the New York page of

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