Join Now! For all of the benefits of being a member of is the premiere website assisting the LGBT community locate a financial advisor to help with often complicated financial planning. You will notice our site is simple. The purpose of our website is not to offer financial advice or financial information. Our mission is to help viewers of our website select a financial advisor and our website receives over 20,000 unique visits per month which is very good for a niche site such as ours. Members of our site represent all of the leading national financial services companies and independent Advisors and Planners. Join and add your profile to our ever-growing database of gay and gay-friendly Financial Advisors. For a very low annual rate, you will gain market share in the rapidly expanding LGBT niche. Simply fill out our easy registration form below, and our webdesigner will contact you to build your profile to your exact specs.

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  • If you are a Gay Friendly professional, you can clearly identify yourself as Gay Friendly

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If you prefer to market your services in multiple states, please submit your membership in your state and you may discuss thereafter with our webdesigner to market in multiple states. The annual rate for additional state marketing is $50 per state.

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  • will place your membership on for a 1 year term (365 days). 
  • The annual 1st year introductory rate for all professionals is $199. The annual renewal rate is $299. This includes matketing in 1 state and the annual rate per additional state is $50.
  • All membership dues will automatically renew at the above schedule upon expiration unless you notify in writing to cancel before expiration.   
  • To cancel any membership renewal before expiration, simply email to and include a letter of cancellation.  Cancellation letters of membership must include your name, and state. will reply to your email in writing confirming your membership will not renew. 
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  • The charge will appear on your credit card billing statement  as "SUBURBAN MARKETING"

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