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Financial Advisor


The June 26, 2015 historic and momentous Supreme Court verdict (Obergefell v. Hodges) permitting same-sex marriage throughout the U.S. has wide-ranging implications on the financial planning landscape for same-sex couples. Whether married or unmarried, same-sex couples need to consider how relationship status will affect them financially in virtually all planning areas: income taxes, estate/gift, retirement, Social Security, and employee benefits.

A recent study by the Spectrem Group polled LGBT investors with $100,000 or more in investable assets found that Two-thirds said that their advisor should be "familiar with the unique financial situations of the LGBT community." And 40 percent said their advisor should have other LGBT families and individuals as clients. Welcome to the home of Our mission is to serve as a resource of LGBT and Gay Friendly financial planners, advisors, and lawyers who are trained in LGBT financial planning. It is our pleasure to bring this valuable asset to the LGBT community and to all communities.

With marriage equality impacting the nation, the LGBT community now has a higher expectation of their primary provider or advisor of financial services. Recent decisions by the US Supreme Court are profoundly impacting the LGBT family financial blueprint. Today is a new day and before us now are new opportunities for the LGBT community and the brands who have stood beside us in solidarity.

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